Leadership Development


A major challenge faced by any organisation is the development of its leaders.

At Evoglio, we understand that to ensure that an organisation is to be successful in a dynamic business world, leaders need to be actively developed and supported. We have created our Leadership Development framework to enable this.


Our framework supports three key aspects of leadership development: the management of development programmes, directed learning and collaboration and an ongoing portfolio for each individual. The portfolio is portable across departments and even companies and provides capabilities for self-directed learning and social group collaboration.

The framework is based on world class technology and fully integrates with the other components of of the Evoglio Assessment & Development platform supporting multiple concurrent programmes, each with multiple stages.


Portfolios allow users to develop through reflective learning and enable them to build and maintain their own learning log, store development tips and update their development plan.

Their portfolio is the hub from which participants can share aspects of this information, invite colleagues to groups, and utilise networks to share their experience and knowledge, stimulating collaboration.

Programme Management

The Leadship Development platform manages all aspects of the programmes including information around the events themselves and the resources that comprise the programme.

These are made up from a number of different types of rich content, including background information, case studies and videos, as well as activities such as assignments and questionnaires.

Once a participant completes the programme they have access to their individual output as well as ongoing resources to support and develop them to the next level.