Data Analytics

It is clear in today's world that assessment and development need to be data driven.

This creates a number of challenges.

A Way to Gather  &  Store it

Data can come from a number of disparate sources of different types. At Evoglio we understand this and have considerable experience in dealing with it.

In order to get the most from assessment and development data, we have built an open and extensible data platform that can store and manipulate data not only from all of the elements of our platform including assessment, scorecard, 360 and marking frame data, but also integrate data from external third party sources.

A Way to Process It

As the world of machine learning has matured, the various predictive analytics and machine learning frameworks have matured and we have integrated them to be a core part of our platform.

We provide a full set of tools to manipulate and visualise your data including online reporting and dashboards to full predictive analytics capabilities using state of the art tools.

Our experience in data science means that we can help you get the most from your data.


A way to visulaise it

We've tied all of this to a world class online reporting and business analytics dashboard so that you can analyse your output and generate insights into the participants both on an individual and compariosn basis.

The output from these tools provides the capability to enable you to make the best assesment and development decisions.