We realize that people at different stages need to be assessed differently. EvoglioChallenge is designed to interact with people who are at a stage in their career where a full business simulation approach may be less appropriate.

EvoglioChallenge is a game based approach to assessing expected behaviours for those participants and providing insightful data driven analytics based on the output.


EvoglioChallenge uses a game metaphor designed to look for expected behaviours from the participant, and is designed to be used for high volume assessments ranging from graduate recruitment to those taking on middle management roles.

Games may have multiple levels or stages and may be played as a single participant, competitively against other participants either on an individual or team basis or on a collaborative basis.

How It Works?

Games levels are built using an industry standard game engine and can be designed specifically to client specifications.

Games events are scripted using the same tools that we use for the rest of the Evoglio Assessment & Development platform and can either be completely standalone or as part of a busines simulation

The participant accesses their game via a browser either on a PC, tablet or phone. Once the game is complete, the results are automatically marked and integrated into our data platform.

Analytics & Reporting

Our analytics platform is used at all stages of the assessment process.

For those games where the participant is being assessed individually, analytics are automatically created showing the performance of the participant at various levels of drilldown and against normalized groups.

In the case of competitive games, it will feed back to the participants their results on an ongoing basis and if the game is part of a centre that is being facilitated, the facilitator can view an overview of the progress of the game and engage with participants and teams directly.